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Painfree lidocain 11% is one of the strongest numbing creams across the country.
Our cream has been taken in by thousands of tattoo artists all recommending using it before treatment.

Painfree is recommended by tattoo artists, lazer clinics, cosmetologists and permanent makeup artists.

Detailed Information Description

Pain Free

Contains 30g

This is a skin anesthetic cream, for tattoos, piercings, and any other form of cosmetic treatment.

Works for 4-6 hours

With Painfree, you get a highly effective anesthetic cream that is water-based and generally gentle on your skin. It is developed specifically to relieve pain by e.g. tattoo, permanent make-up, botox and laser treatment. You must make sure to apply the cream approx. 45-60 minutes before undergoing the treatment, after which one should experience an effective anesthesia of the desired area. This means that you can get a tattoo or similar treatment without experiencing the unpleasant pain usually associates with needles and guns. Painfree gives you effective and gentle pain relief during most types of cosmetics treatments.

You can safely give Painfree a try, because it’s not just a new product that has emerged out of the blue. In fact, the laboratory has been making similar creams for over 12 years for several European brands. This means that you can get the best possible cream, developed and manufactured by the best professionals. With the unique and effective formula, Painfree is your guarantee for a painless treatment.

How does Painfree work?

Painfree works simply by the cream temporarily numbing the nerves, something that prevents you from feeling pain. The pain signals are simply prevented from triggering the brain and therefore become so beautifully serene. The timing of the anesthetic effect depends mainly on when you inflict Painless micro warriors to your skin and of course where on your skin you choose to operate it. For example It works faster on eyebrows and lips and on legs or arms. You may want to spread the cream wider on inner parts of your arm closer to your arm pit or inner side of your knee.

Often, local anesthesia must be injected with a needle. This cream avoids the hassle of injections. It is a very simple cream that can be used within the comfort of your home and subsequently numbs the area of ​​the skin to be subjected to your body modification or treatment. Only use it on clean and undamaged skin. In addition, one should check if they are allergic to some of the active ingredients in painless.

How Much Painfree Should You Use?

Of course, a basic guide is included when buying pain-free. As a rule of thumb, one tube is sufficient to have a small tattoo done or undergo a simple laser treatment. On the other hand, if you have a large area to be tattooed, then it is a good idea to ensure that you have plenty of pain-free so that you do not suddenly howl at your tattoo artist in pain. Always apply plenty of Painless numbing cream and make sure to cover it with film so it does not dry out. One can advantageously use household film for this application as it works excellently.

Always follow the directions as they are written on the label or tube and in the instructions found in packaging. Painless cream is for external use only and it is important to segment this accordingly. If you do that, you can look forward to painless and easy treatments.

Painfree is an extremely economical choice

If you have previously tried different numbing creams, then you will probably already know it can be quite an expensive affair.

There are big savings if you buy a number of tubes at a time, especially if you know you will be doing multiple sessions or treatments. Painfree strives off being an extremely economical anesthetic cream.

Apply Painless before your next tattoo, botox injection or laser treatment!

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