Painfree Supplement

Elevate your treatment comfort with Painfree Spray and Gel. The spray offers targeted pain relief with an extra 10% strength, while the gel, beloved by makeup artists, ensures a painless cosmetic experience. Whether you choose the spray or the gel, Painfree guarantees ultimate comfort during any procedure.

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*Painfree Spray & Gel: Ultimate Comfort for Every Application*

Enhance your pain-free experience with our dynamic duo: Painfree Spray and Painfree Gel. Specially crafted for those seeking optimal comfort during various procedures, these products set new standards for topical anesthesia.

*Painfree Spray: Precision in Every Drop*

Unleash the power of Painfree Spray for targeted pain relief during treatments. Developed to meet the growing demand for effective local anesthetics, Painfree Spray ensures a soothing experience for procedures involving open skin. With a strength of 10%, this spray takes comfort to new heights, providing a lasting solution to discomfort.

*Painfree Gel: The Choice of Makeup Artists*

Embrace Painfree Gel, an indispensable part of makeup artists’ toolkits worldwide. A top seller for cosmetic procedures such as permanent makeup, lipliner, and more, Painfree Gel boasts a strength of 7% and a blend of active ingredients, including 5% lidocaine and 2% tetracaine. Easy to apply, follow the simple steps: apply, wait, cleanse, and repeat as needed. A trusted companion for artists seeking pain-free perfection.

Whether you choose the precision of Painfree Spray or the artist-approved Painfree Gel, rest assured that both deliver outstanding pain relief. Make Painfree your preferred choice for a seamless and comfortable experience, ensuring that every procedure becomes a pain-free masterpiece.

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